Introducing Journal Categories

As of this spring, the new journal categories have been available in the EZB. Thus, many EZB journals now have new labels with specially assigned categories. Each journal category is a unique keyword that refers to either an OA license type or to an index the journal is listed in. These categories, which now appear in the EZB user front-end as keyword-like labels, can be used as additional filter criteria and also help improve the EZB data export.

Screenshot of Electronic Journals Library: Introducing Categories

Overview Page

The new journal categories are listed on an overview page. Here you will also find more detailed explanations of the individual categories. Moreover, this page redirects to the relevant journal lists filtered by category.

Screenshot of Electronic Journals Library: Journal List by Category

Journal Lists by Category

The list will now only include journals that are assigned to the corresponding category.

Screenshot of Electronic Journals Library: Journal-Detailpage

Journal Detail Page

The new categories appear on the journal detail page as clickable labels in a new row pointing to the corresponding journal lists.

Screenshot of Electronic Journals Library: Journal Category Assignment

Journal Category Assignment

Constantly updated data sets like DOAJ allow for automated journal category assignments.

Thus, there are two types of journal categories: ones that can be assigned automatically and ones that need to be assigned manually. The manual categories are assigned in the EZB administration interface.